Our client originally contacted us in order to purchase something unique for their Christmas party events. Through carefully listening to their brief, we were given instructions to create something different which would stand out in photos and become an interesting and rather eye-catching feature at up and coming events. The finished product was intended to be relevant to the brand whilst also matching the colour scheme of the venue’s table décor. We subsequently created a beautiful set of robust freestanding large letters spelling “XMAS #CONSORT” to be centrally situated on stage close to the DJ. Each individual letter was then finished in a striking vermillion red and an elegant sparkling gold glitter paint.

Featuring as a prominent focal point, our freestanding letters will immediately capture everyone’s attention generating instant conversation for guests upon entrance.

We also provided our client with snowflake shapes in various sizes featuring several exclusive styles in glistening silver, gold and red glitter paint finishes. Such finishes ensured that the shapes would capture the light and generate a gorgeous twinkle. Our snowflakes looked remarkable gently hanging from transparent wire creating a cascading snowfall illusion. Others were then tactfully positioned against an unadorned backdrop on walls and above light fixtures, forming a stunning festive atmosphere for all.

Our products have also been further exaggerated beneath event strobe lighting firmly ensuring a lasting impression amongst guests, and most importantly a delighted client! Our buyer’s feedback showed a thrilled and extremely satisfied customer experience, claiming to have been better than initially envisioned – an advantage being that the decorations can be re-used year upon year!