Large Polystyrene Letters

Do you need polystyrene letters for your event, retail business or display?

Polystyrene letters are a powerful tool for standing out from your competition or creating an extra special moment at a party or wedding. Our large range of 3D polystyrene letters, numbers and logos can be used in displays, for wall mounted logos or even as props in photoshoots.

Check out a selection of our polystyrene letters below:

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Manufactured in the UK from high-quality polystyrene and precision cut using state of the art equipment, our letters come in a range of colours and finishes to perfectly suit your needs. Our large letters are strong, contain fire retardant substance making them more resistant to flames and makes the letters much more durable.

Perfect to buy or hire for any event, our polystyrene letters are quick to produce, meaning you have them whenever you need them. Our large decorative letters can be shipped to anywhere in the UK or internationally at your request.

Designed to your specification, our polystyrene letters come in a range of fonts and can be made to any size you require. Our polystyrene letters are also available in several thicknesses making them suitable for a multitude of applications. Our letters and numbers are produced to the highest quality and are perfect for use as photography props, shop window displays and weddings.

Large polystyrene letters that say love
polystyrene letters for weddings
polystyrene letters for photo shoots

Naturally, polystyrene is very light; This means it is incredibly easy to move letters, hang them on walls and allows them to be stuck just about anywhere with double-sided tape or solvent-free glue. This makes them perfect for business signs or slogans in offices, large striking text in shop windows and easy to move photoshoot props.

We can also produce floatable foam pool letters. These, due to their lightweight, float nicely on water and can be used as an interesting feature in swimming pools and lakes and are produced in much the same way as the rest of our range of polystyrene letters.

If you need something more specific to your business or situation such as polystyrene letters cut to a specific size, unusual finishes or anything else, please contact us: